Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Clean the Vehicle and Tire with Vapors Cleaners

One of the hard to access areas and messier parts of a vehicle to clean is the wheels and tires. Dirty wheels can be really a hazard during the rainy or snow seasons and it is very imperative to keep it clean and dry. Hand held steam cleaners or regular steam cleaner may be enough for the purpose of cleaning the tires. Green detergent or cleaning liquid together with steam cleaner will clean the tires very easily and you can save money and be safe in long run. Here are some steps to ensure that you can clean the vehicle very fast and easily. Before that make sure you have some basic stuffs like Tire brush, Sponges, Soft cloth, Tire cleaner and your favorite steam cleaner. 

First off inspect all your tires to ensure that you remove any loose dirt and make sure to take time to check your tire pressure. Now put the pressure to highest setting in the steam cleaner reviews and spray off any dirt or debris. Spray the wheels and tire with environmental safe cleaner which is available in any store. Now dip in water and remove excess dirt which has accumulated. The sponge can be used to wipe off any excess dirt from the wheels and you can now use the shiner to shine off the wheels. Use this same approach on all the wheels and ensure that the tyre pressures are maintained. Use the same approach to clean the interior of your bonnet i.e first vacuum of any dirt then dust of any excess residue then use steam cleaner to deep clean and loosen the excess dirt on the bonnet then use the sponge to slowly wipe off. If the built up is excess then use detergent in the steam cleaner (mix with water in the canister) to clean the bonnet then clean off the excess dirt build up.